Super Robot Bomber


Desert Camo and Jungle Fatigue variants. 

Blast from the past! 

Done early 2013, these are some turret concept/assets I came up during the early development of Booyah’s unreleased game Miniguns: Assault. 

Art by me, Animation by the awesome Gene Machine Goldstein

EW-02 Hekaton, now in color. 

With/Without BG 

Some mechs I did for #marchofrobots 

1. EW (Experimental Warframe)-02  Hekaton

2. The Arnold

3. Tankhead 

Some Japanese inspired stuff. Raijin, the Shinto god of thunder and a Skullmurai. 


1. Facing my fears and self doubt

When I started inktober, I was deathly afraid of ink. I’ve not touched my sketchbook in probably more than a year, and I’ve never really used that medium to do any sort of sketching besides from life. It was totally out of my comfort zone, but that was the…

Reblogging my journey from being deathly afraid of ink to using it almost every day to sketch. Hope this inspires you guys to get out of your comfort zone and try something new today! 

Robododo requested by a friend. 

Robododo requested by a friend. 

Some random giant robots. 

1. Argus, the Galactic Explorer. 

2. Spider. Artillery Tripod Mech. 

3. Dropship Infantry Mech

4. Infantry Mech

Cyborg Samurai Cats. Now with more gold. 

Samus, some cyberpunk femme fatale and a catplane.

1. Samus Aran

2. Cyberpunk girl 1: The sweet and deadly Bunny!

3. Cyberpunk girl 2: The vicious and poisonous Viper!

4. Viper redux. 

5. Cyberpunk girl 3: The hard rockin’ brawler Candy!

6. Catplane. Who doesn’t love catplanes? 

You don’t want to be on Santa’s naughty list this year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

You don’t want to be on Santa’s naughty list this year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

A week’s worth of robots!

1,2 : Military mech fighters, inspired by Armored Core and Gundam

3 : Samurai Mech

4 : Technosamus

5 : Recon Rudy. That umbrella looking thing be a radome of some sort. 

6 : Fun with shapes bot. 

7. NASA Modular Space Probe thing

Where do you draw inspiration from? Do ideas just come to you in fantastic dreams?

Well, I grew up surrounded by a lot of pop culture: animes, mangas, comicbooks, movies, cartoons andI I try to recreate things that I would find cool as a kid. I love watching scientific/nature documentaries and reading up on various mythologies as those spark my imagination. Take a look around the world we live in, you’d be surprised how reality is often stranger than fiction. ;) 

Unfortunately, the dreams I have are based strongly on reality and my every day life. I wished I had dreams about giant monsters and robots. :/ 

oh my gosh!! do you ever have moments where you see art you really love and your heart kind of does a flip and you dont know whats happening but you know you want to draw JUST LIKE THAT?? well that just happened to me im in love with you keep drawing pleeeeeease

Haha,I completely know that feeling and I am so glad you feel that way about the work that I do. Messages like these encourages me to keep doing what I do! Thanks again! 

I am terrible at drawing. Do you have any tips/tutorials for a beginner?

As cliche as it is, it’s all practice. No one starts out amazing at drawing. It’s a lot harder to draw from imagination when you’re starting out so just draw a lot from life and observation. Still lifes, things that are sitting around your house, friends, people at cafe, trees, cars, animals, etc. Doing this will build up your visual library and it sort of becomes muscle memory once you’ve done enough.

Study anatomy really really really hard. Get books with the title “Anatomy for Artists”. George Bridgman books are MUST to get. Draw from these books and study them thoroughly. Andrew Loomis’s books have been reprinted, get those as well. Most of the tutorials I find on Youtube are pretty advanced, so those won’t help you as much as these books when you’re first starting out. 

Lastly, don’t give up. It is a tiring and a long and discouraging uphill climb, but if you really want to be good at it, you have to stick to it. If you do it often enough, you’ll quickly see improvements in your drawing skills, I garauntee it. 

Hope this helps!